03 November 2011

Joy of Test

  There is currently a discussion on the STC site asking Can Software Testing be Fun? So I decided to share the things about Software Testing that I personally enjoy:

  Creativity - I get a lot of fun out of designing and thinking up tests to perform. Exploratory Testing is especially good for this since it involves a very rapid feedback from the test idea to the test result, meaning you can fire test ideas out very quickly.

  Casual Coding - I am not a programmer by any means, but I do get enjoyment out of coding, especially when you overcome a particularly tricky problem, but I couldn't sit in front of  a screen all day just spitting out code. Testing allows me to get enough coding done to enjoy, but not so much that it wears me out.

  Community - There are two parts to this. First, is the community of the people I work with. I have been very lucky to work with a lot of intelligent, articulate and understanding Developers, Project Mangers and, of course, Testers in my time.
  Secondly, there is the wider testing community. Membership of the STC has expanded my horizons in the blogs I read, the discussions I have and the people I meet. The community as a whole has shown me many ways in which I can learn more about the craft, as well as feel that I can participate to make it better as well.

  There are of course things I dislike about the job, but that is depressing and not the point of this post.

  So what things do you find enjoyable and fun about testing? Head over to the STC discussion and share. You never know, your enthusiasm may cause somebody to start their own testing career.


  1. Glad to read that the STC has been helpful to you :)

  2. Hi Andrew,

    Nice blog post and thanks for the nice comments about the STC. It's great to see the community being an aid to people and it's great to have you on board.

    I'm looking forward to more blog posts from you too :) I like your take on testing.


  3. Anonymous8/11/11 09:25

    I wish more people in my company would have the same basic attitude on testing ;-)

  4. Great post. With all the recession based doom/gloom and the greatly exaggerated demise of the testing profession in abundance right now, it is really affirming to read an account of someone who can celebrate elements of their job.