28 July 2011

A Test I Should Have Run

I'm new to this blogging business, as can be seen in the following story.

  I have comment moderation switched on and I thought as part of Bloggers settings, I had it so that when a comment is made, I'd get an e-mail letting me know. The key thing here, is that I thought it'd let me know when a comment needed moderating, but apparently it only lets me know when a comment is posted (i.e. once it has been moderated). Hence, the one comment that has been made, was originally written at the beginning of June, but has finally been added nearly two months later. I know now where the message telling me there are comments to be moderated appears, and although it is fairly prominent, it didn't twig with me before since I was expected said e-mail.
  The irony with all this is, I remember thinking when I set the blog up that I should add a comment to make sure it sent the expected e-mail. But I didn't. So the comment has sat there for two months.
  Sorry about that Sean.

P.S. On a related note, I am now on twitter. Can someone try the Follow button to the right and test it works? Thanks.

15 July 2011

Why have Testers?

Just heard a funny story about one of our developers. He was quoted as saying:

"I don't understand why we have testers, they only seem to find problems the customer would find"

If you don't get what is wrong with that statement, I don't think this blog is for you.

14 July 2011

Why low Severity bugs sometimes have a high Priority

This report from the BBC News site shows why sometimes a low severity bug (i.e. a spelling mistake) may require a greater priority in the to be fixed order.
It also shows how proof reading is another skill useful for testers that doesn't get mentioned often.