15 February 2017

A Sense of Community

I won't be attending Testbash Brighton this year. It'll be the first Brighton one I've missed since they started in 2013. I encourage anyone who can get to a Testbash to do so, purely for the number of amazing people you get to meet. Below is a list of those people I have met over 5 Testbashes (4 Brighton and 1 Manchester). I hope this shows the value of these conferences and gets across just how much fun they are and why I'm saddened by not being at Brighton this year.

Rosie Sherry
Danny Dainton
Dan Ashby
Mark Tomlinson
Richard Bradshaw
Heather Reid
Rosie Hamilton
Claire Reckless
James Christie
Vernon Richards
Abby Bangser
Martin Hynie
Ioana Serban
Matt Heusser
Matthew Bretten
Tracy Baxter
Kristine Corbus
Michael Bolton
Gem Hill
James Bach
Karin Basel
Simon Knight
Beren Van Daele
Kim Knup
Emma Keaveny
Lisa Crispin
Vera Gehlen-Baum
Kirstin Kerr
Simon Tomes
Jess Ingrassellino
Cassandra Leung
Marcel Gehlen
Patrick Prill
Dominic Kua
Nicola Owen
Gwen Diagram
David Williams
Tammy Lewis
Deborah Lee
Matt Frampton
Clement Pickering
Colin Piper
Mark Winteringham
Del Dewar
Neil Studd
Gary Shepard
Aine McGovern
Neil McCarthy
Ash Winter
Dan Caseley
Nathan Weller
Alan Richardson
Paul Berry
Rob Lambert
Adam Knight
Anna Baik
Daniel Billing
Chris Simms
John Stephenson
Elizabeth Fiennes
Raul Nicholas
Philip De Rop
Pekka Marjamaki
Huib Schoots

This is obviously not a complete list. I do tend to get a bit... far from sober at these events, so if I have met you and your name is not on here, I'm blaming loud venues and nice beers for your name not appearing.

See you in Manchester?

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