01 July 2013

Some testing fun

I have been thinking up limericks related to software testing (no, I don't know why, I just was okay?) and thought I'd share them, for what else is the Internet for?

I was asked to estimate testing,
I thought they must have been jesting.
I replied with a grin
"How long is some string?"
My notice now they're requesting.

I used to write up a strategy,
That would stop people testing erratically.
But the truth now I see it,
Is no-one would read it,
So I stopped documenting my strategy.

We know we need automation,
To help us catch a regression.
But it cannot replace,
A sapient test case,
Thought up in an exploratory session.

I wanted to better my station,
So looked for certification.
Just wasn't for me,
So I took BBST foundation.

You know the advice of James Bach is,
There is no such thing as best practice.
What you should do next,
Depends on your context,
So you had best find out what that is.

1 comment:

  1. I've created a plan from the specs
    But I know my tests are just checks
    The deadline's insane
    So I turned off my brain
    And checked. Found nothing. What's next?