09 August 2011

Value of Testing

  A couple of years ago, my company had to make some redundancies and we went from essentially a team of 5 testers to a team of 2. I was under no illusion that I would survive a second round of redundancies if they became necessary, having heard many times that testing is the first to go. That second round was announced a couple of weeks ago. 
  I am very thankful, and more than a bit gratified, to discover that not only were neither of the testers going to be made redundant, but that we weren't even required to be part of the consultations and so were never even considered being made redundant. I like to think that this proves that the work we do is not only valuable, but recognised as such throughout the company.
  Having seen and taken part in many discussions about how you show the value of testing, the moral I take from this is simple. Good testing shows its own value.

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